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  • The Mysterious Cities of Gold
    Even today I like to go on YouTube and listen to the theme song. It was very magical and showed the Incas and very early south american civilisations. I don't remember them finding the cities. But i know they found a large golden plane that looked like a bird.
  • Automan
    This series was cool. But maybe knight rider . Street hawk or airwolf didn't like the fact he could copy their vehicles. Maybe even tron might have complained about copyright. I enjoyed the series but it was short lived.
  • Fighting Fantasy Books
    Both Ian Livingston and Steve Jackson are now in Australia. I think they had a falling out as they both started to bring out books in their own styles. They have been licensing Fighting Fantasy to TinMan games which makes apps on Android and Apple. To keep up with the times they have been doing a good job to digitise them and make them playable on your tablet or phone.
  • Bubble Bobble
    I am surprised that they don't have the theme music here. I can remember that it was best not to kill the robots until the staff, shoe, or sweet appeared. Then afterwards a giant cake or diamond would come down the middle.
  • Starblazer
    Starblazer was one of my favourites ever with lots of space ships and alien planets and resistance stories. I only ever got these from Jumble sales. I've been searching for new publications for my kindle.