Splash (1984)

Romantic fantasy comedy starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah.

Allen Bauer is rescued by a mermaid after falling in to the sea as a young boy. Later in life he falls in to the sea again and is rescued by the mermaid again.

This time the mermaid takes a shine to Allen and decides to sprout some legs and follow him around New York. Naked.

Anyway, Allen falls in love with her, but she feels like a fish out of water and starts wilting and the film ends up with Allen jumping in to the water again and being saved a third time by the mermaid.

If memory serves me correctly the mermaid takes Allen in to her world under the water and they all live happily ever after.

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Do You Remember Splash?

Do You Remember Splash?

  • Anonymous user
    I use to love watching this movie when I was little along with Hans Christiansen's "The Little Mermaid". I always have had a fascination with mermaids, and deep down I sometimes still wish I could be one. (lol!) Anyway, I bought the DVD a month ago.