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This was a sitcom shown around 1990 on Children's ITV set in a fast-food cafe called Spatz. The central characters were TJ and Karen, who were American, but strangely the other characters all had English accents! It was a lot of fun anyway, and co-starred Vas Blackwood and Sue Devaney of Johnny Briggs fame.

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Do You Remember Spatz?

Do You Remember Spatz?

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    Spatz ran from 1990 to 1992 on Children's ITV, with repeats up to 1996. It was created by Andrew Bethell and was originally a Canadian co-production, though later series were made by Thames Television alone. The premise was that it was the first UK branch of a Canadian fast food chain called Spatz, hence characters from both sides of the Atlantic - like Mike and Angelo, the aim was to give the series appeal in both the UK and North America. The principal writers of both of these series were Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro, the creators of T-Bag. For more information, look here: There's an episode available on ITV Player until Feb 2013, the one shown in the CITV Old Skool weekend: