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Soccerama was a football manager boardgame. It was the 1960's / 1970's version of today's computer based football manager games, like Championship Manager. My older brother had it and we had hours of fun playing this together. You started out in the old 4th division and had to work your way up through the divisions and then into the European Cup. Can't quite remember how exactly, but the usual dice and cards were involved.

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Do You Remember Soccerama?

Do You Remember Soccerama?

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    I don't remember any cards in the game, but there were 2 dice, a yellow one and a red one. The number on the yellow one was your teams score and the red was your "opponents". If your team won you moved up 3 places on the board and 1 place if it was a draw. The board was divided into 6 parts - 4 for the football divisions, the fifth was the FA Cup and the sixth was the old European Cup. You started at the bottom of the old fourth division and played until you got to the first or sceond spot in league when you promoted to the next division. Each of the league tables had one space that if you landed on it you entered the FA Cup. When you finally finished top of the first division, you entered the European Cup. Points were awarded for finishing in the promotion places, winning the league and any cup wins, more points being awarded the higher the league. THe winner was the player with most points but there was no set end point - you either set yourself a time limit or played until you got bored!