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  • Cadbury's Roses Tins
    According to an article on the internet, there WAS a pineapple creme but only for a short time and only in Australia.
  • Sporting Triangles
    I disagree completely with the statement that it was much better than A Question of Sport. It was an inferior ITV copy of the BBC original.
  • Kraft cheddar cheese spread
    I used to love this, especially on toast. Every time I go into a shop for the first time, I have a look to see if they have any.
  • Cluedo / Clue (US)
    The victim in Cluedo was Dr Black. You had to work out which of the playable characters - Reverend Green, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett and Mrs White - had killed him, where (10 possible rooms) and with which of the 6 possible murder weapons. In America, they changed Reverend Green to Mr Green, because they couldn't have a priest as a possible murderer.
  • Nesquick
    Banana Nesquik was always my favourite - The chocolate one didn't mix in very well. And it's widely available in most supermarkets.
  • Aero
    My favourite Aero was the milk/plain one. Milk chocolate on the inside but plain chocolate coating.
  • The Golden Shot
    I loved this show. The presenters when I watched it were Charlie Williams and Bob Monkhouse. I'm not sure this would get past Health & Safety these days!

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