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  • Cyborg, Muton and Android
    Blimey! A while back I was trying to remember what these figures were called. I got them when I was about 12 in the mid '70's, but I too just had Cyborg & Muton - never did get the much sort after Android! They had some great attachments and I recall Muton having just an orange brain for a head? Wish I'd kept them for my son - he'd love them now.
  • Raleigh Chipper
    I had a yellow and black Chipper when I was about 7 and it didn't have gears. Was a great little bike and the rear wheel and tyre was the size of the Chopper front wheel. Moved onto a Chopper (Purple!) when I was 11/12 and it had the 3 gears with the lever on the frame. Loved it, but the bike was too bloody heavy to cycle up hills for a little lad like me.
  • The Jam
    Without doubt THE greatest band of all time. Between '77 and '82 they were the soundtrack to my life. All Mod Cons is the perfect album. Weller will always be a Legend. "We are the Mods.............."
  • Wimpy
    It's terrible that there are so few Wimpy's about now. Such happy memories of going to The Wimpy Bar with mates in the '70's and '80's. They only seem to exist in London now.

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