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Skull Crushers

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Skull Crushers were white chocolate skulls with a strawberry middle filling. When you bit into a Skull Crusher through the white chocolate skull the strawberry filling would ooze out like blood!

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Do You Remember Skull Crushers?

Do You Remember Skull Crushers?

  • Anonymous user
    I was given a box of these one Christmas. Pretty sure they didn't make it through Boxing Day.
  • Lesloid0
    These were always a must in my 20 pence mix up which we used to buy everyday after school My mates always used to buy one fag & one match for 10 pence while I bought sweets, not sure which is worse, nicotine or sugar overload.
  • Iain
    Skull Crushers are mentioned in "The Testimony of Gideon Mack" by James Robertson, chapter 48 :-). They are made by a relative o Donna Macioca who fronts Amplifico an Edinburgh based Indie band. Good they are too, the band that is!