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  • Wacaday
    mallets mallet the word association game where you mustnt stop you mustnt pause........or you get a bop on the head like this .....or like this.....look at each other and say bleurgh!!!! x
  • Ulysses 31
    did they ever make it home i remember watching with bated breath every week, thinking this is the week they are gonna maker it home, and i never remember it ever happening. x
  • Roseanne
    my favourite line is when darlene moves out for college and roseanne goes with her to help her unpack. Rosanne picks out darlenes socks and darlene tells her to put them in the bottom drawer. Roseanne says buts socks go in the top drawer...darlene replies why who made that rule...rosanne says I dont know.....God!!! it just so made me laugh ...funny funny show.
  • Puddle Lane
    I think the man in this series was a wizard and the dragon was so cute used to love watching this on a lunch time...i think it was on itv.
  • Land Of The lost
    yes i remember this show i think it was aired on a sunday afternoon on channel 4 for a while in the mid 80's too
  • Reversible Jumpers
    ha ha yea i had one too mine was a hundred and one dalmations one lol with big cartoon pic on front and a million little pics on inside too. and yep thought they were good at the time back in the 80s. i had forgot about these things till my friend had one on, around 1998 ha ha she wore it to go to the stables to see to her horse in the cold lol! i found it hilarious she tried to claim it kept her super warm and that was why she had kept it! but i think theres no excuse at all!! hee heee!!
  • Sticker Albums
    oooh and as was thinking of them i remembered another i collected Neighbours stickers too from the days when it was charlene and scott getting wed lol otherwise known as kylie minogue and jason donovan! happy days!! my brother collected Basil the great mouse detective x

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