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  • Pan Yan Pickle
    I've just googled Rutabaga and it appears to be a vegetable very similar to a turnip!
  • Raleigh Chopper
    I feel really lucky to have owned one of these during my childhood, I loved it. My partner who is just 40 is having a midlife crisis and wanted another chopper but instead of waiting for one to come up at the right price on a well known auction site, he's gone and bought an American chrome-tastic Lowrider that is so difficult to ride and he looks like an absolute plonker on it. BIG UP the chopper I say, old one's are the best!
  • BN Biscuits
    Not such a memory, they sell these in Asda (Oct 2014) & my kids are not fussed about them but I quite like them ;o)
  • Jim'll Fix It
    RIP Jimmy along with the shell suit x
  • The Flumps
    OMG, I saw a picture of Pootle on Facebook the other day and it made me remember all the good things about my younger years. I loved the flumps, am sure if I watched it now at the ripe age of 38 it wouldn't be the same.
  • Soda Stream
    Can't beleive they have brought these back, the advert really does bring back provoking thoughts
  • Skull Crushers
    These were always a must in my 20 pence mix up which we used to buy everyday after school My mates always used to buy one fag & one match for 10 pence while I bought sweets, not sure which is worse, nicotine or sugar overload.

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