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Shelley was a sitcom about the trials and tribulations of a bachelor. Hywel Bennett starred as the main character, Shelley, and his dead-pan, world-weary delivery was excellent. It was well written and had some excellent one-liners from the anti-establishment, postgraduate character.

It was shown between 1979 to 1992 and during this time, Shelley would break up with girlfriend Frances (Belinda Sinclair). he spends some of this time teaching in english in Saudi Arabia, only to return to the UK to find yuppies have taken over the place! Very funny. In the final series, Shelley moves in with Ted, to help the old guy prevent his lifelong home from being demolished to make way for a leisure centre.

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Do You Remember Shelley?

Do You Remember Shelley?

  • MissConduct
    I always preferred the books over the TV show, although Bennett was excellent as Shelley and his deadpan face and dry biting humour.
  • Anonymous user
    Remember it being around very well, though never actually watched it- I only saw the trailers. One such clip made me laugh, when Shelley is expressing his amazement at discovering that the human intestine is a complete 28 feet long. Hywel Bennett went on to appear as gangland villian 'Pig' Molloy in the Dennis Potter drama 'Karaoke', as well as starring as the superintendent in the flop Welsh police drama 'Harper & Iles'.