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Shadows was a childrens' supernatural drama series in which there was a different story each week. I remember one episode where all these pictures and paintings were gliding down the stairs (spooky!). Another episode dealt with the 'Green Man', Wiccan/Druidic worship and Morris Dancers - a bit like the 'Wicker Man' but for kids.

One episode of Shadows also featured a pane of glass from the time of the English Civil War (old fashioned 'bulls eye') which acted like a window through time and allowed the children of the house to watch a series of unsettling events unfolded in the garden at the time of the Civil War.

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Do You Remember Shadows?

Do You Remember Shadows?

  • Anonymous user
    I loved it- very typical of the supernatural / psychic material that was popular on TV in the late '70s and very early '80s (along with 'Children Of The Stones', 'Sapphire & Steel', 'The Changes', and many more I could mention). There were a series of books that accompanied the series containing short story versions of the tales, most of which I borrowed from my local library.
  • Anonymous user
    YES! I also remember Shadows, in particular an episode where some children were in a train station waiting room and the door could be opened only when it was raining but as soon as the sun came out the door wouldn't open.....weird! Oh and also an episode about a pair of golfer's brogues, the word Schultze was somehow connected with the episode...