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  • Pyramint
    Like eating a whole box of After Eights in one sitting.
  • Sherbet Fountains
    I remember my mate emptying a whole packet into his mouth on his way to school,gagging and exploding like some kind of Wonka-esque volcano finally spitting the whole lot out onto the pavement. The puddle was still fizzing as I passed it on the way home!
  • Chemistry Sets
    My sister being the eldest, and presumably the most sensible, was the one who owned the chemistry set and did all the "by the book" stuff. But this didn't stop me from secretly setting light to strips of magnesium in our garage and watching in awe as another ball of white light exploded in a shower of sparks. I was like the sorcerer's apprentice!
  • Wimpy
    Where else could you get a dessert called a Brown Derby? (Presumably named after the hat which it kinda resembled.) Always thought it was amazing how they snipped the sausages in such a way so as they could curl them round into a circle to fit the bun!
  • Little Big Man
    Yup I had an arctic explorer one - complete with fur-lined parka and snow-shoes. They seemed to pay more attention to the detail than the creators of Action Man.
  • Vesta curries
    Sainsburys still sell them - although not the full range. Beef Risotto was like eating the contents of a Wild West saloon bar spittoon. And Chicken Supreme? What was 'supreme' about it? Chicken, mushrooms and bacon (?) in a creamy sauce - it was like licking the lid of a tin of emulsion paint. Having dissed the Vesta range so far I have to say that the Beef Chow Mein is one of my all-time favourite food memories. I loved it when my Dad popped the crispy noodles into the chip pan and dished them out between the four of us (the grown-ups always got more!). I can remember the whole Beef Chow Mein taste - it was great!
  • Burton's Fish 'n' Chips
    Used to always get a bag from the vending machine in the foyer of our local swimming baths after our Saturday morning swimming lessons in the '70s. Salt'n'vinegary biscuitiness!

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