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  • Sasha Doll
    I've still got mine in the attic, the girl who I called Serena with dark hair and her blonde brother who i called Gregor and my younger sister had the baby Sacha doll and called him Benjamin - and he had an appendage!!! The dolls are fetching lots of money today, collector's items really, but I'll never part with mine. Their clothes were beautiful, little leather shoes were perfect, all the clothes were so well made.
  • Armchair Thriller
    YES! I was 12 in 1979 and was allowed to stay up and watch this.....I loved the music and taught myself to play it on the piano and still can play it today! Me and my sister particularly remember the episode where there's a realy creepy man who's got a poodle and he calls her 'Tina' in a really weird voice....I'm sure the dog's name was Tina or have I got it wrong?
  • Changes
    OMG those pylons!!!! I still think of Changes whenever I see pylons, they still give me the creeps in a weird way!
  • Shadows
    YES! I also remember Shadows, in particular an episode where some children were in a train station waiting room and the door could be opened only when it was raining but as soon as the sun came out the door wouldn't open.....weird! Oh and also an episode about a pair of golfer's brogues, the word Schultze was somehow connected with the episode...

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