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Sensible World Of Soccer

Quite simply the greatest football game ever made! Sensible World Of Soccer had the most simple graphics ever seen, but the sheer depth of the teams and leagues/Competitions was staggering even by today's standards. When I got rid of my Amiga and bought a PC this was the first game I got for it, and I would probably still play it today if I could get it to run on Vista. My vote for greatest game ever.

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Do You Remember Sensible World Of Soccer?

Do You Remember Sensible World Of Soccer?

  • Anonymous user
    This was and still is my favorite football game of all time. It was fantastic, all the leagues and all the players from around the world. I spent hours an my Amiga playing this. Very fond memories.
  • sgbeattie
    Sensi on the Amiga 1200! Ooooh, Memories!!! :D
  • UncleDrunkard
    Sensi on the snes, good times. "new" sensi on the ps2 - not so good times!