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  • Commodore Amiga
    I Remember when my dad bought one of these, I could not believe the quick loading times and superior graphics, I never touched my ZX Spectrum again after this came into the house. When I left home in 1996 my dad gave it to me as he did not use it anymore and I realised the Amiga was dead in 1998 when I was burgled and the thieves left it behind. They took everything but not the Amiga.
  • F1 News
    I loved F1 News, I still have every issue from 1993 - 1999 in my garage. It did indeed put the fun back into Formula 1 over any other F1 Mag.
  • Action Replay
    One of my mates had one of these for the SNES, he would go out and buy a game for £50 and then take it home put the cheats in and complete it in an afternoon. He did not understand why we would say he had wasted his money on the game. Bless him he was not the brightest.

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