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  • Sensible World Of Soccer
    This was and still is my favorite football game of all time. It was fantastic, all the leagues and all the players from around the world. I spent hours an my Amiga playing this. Very fond memories.
  • Daley Thompson's Decathlon
    The trick i used was to wrap a battery in a flannel and rub it across the Z & X keys on my spectrum. You could only manage 10 minutes of this game because of the pain it caused in your hands and forearms!!
  • the Dizzy computer games
    Dizzy was infuriating. After waiting 20 minutes for it to load on my spectrum, with that horrible screeching noise as it loaded from cassette!! I would spend hours, carefully working my way through the game, only to die. At a time before you could save your game or checkpoints. The only thing you could do was start again!! That Egg used to give me nightmares!!
  • Corona soft drinks
    I used to get 10p at the off licence for every Corona bottle returned. 10p went a long way back then so i could fill my little fat face with sweets quite well.
  • Burton's Fish 'n' Chips
    I saw some in..(whisper whisper) Pound Stretcher! about a year ago. They did not taste the same as when i was a child.
  • Secret Chocolate Bar
    mmmmmmmmmmm.....Secret Chocolate Bar! I blame these for me being a childhood fatty!!! But now i am 34 and now i am an adult fatty!!. I would love to have these back again.
  • Christmas Selection Box
    I used to love the Selection stockings better. Just a cardboard stocking shape with Mars Bar,Marathon,Topic,Opal Fruits and something else!! All covered with a coloured net. Mars bar was a luxury when i was little so i knew it was Christmas when i had one.

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