Rose Petal Place

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Rose Petal Place was a series of dolls and books. The dolls lived in a garden and each character had a different flower name, Lily Fair, Rose Petal, Sunny Sunflower, etc. The villian's name was Nastina and she was an evil Spider witch who had an equally evil assistant, Horace the Horsefly.

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Do You Remember Rose Petal Place?

Do You Remember Rose Petal Place?

  • nugirl
    I recently bought a second-hand Rose Petal Place Daffodil doll from eBay US, and she's so pretty! Her costume needs a lot of work, but the doll herself is gorgeous, with lovely bright yellow hair!
  • Anonymous user
    Their faces were much like MoonDreamers, but they had longer, thinner legs and theatrical flower costumes instead of space suits.