Raleigh 14

This was a girls' bike and was red with small wheels. Mine had a white saddle bag on the back, but I think this may have been a later addition! Raleigh also did a '20' version and a chopper, but these were more geared towards teenagers. There were many a happy day of friends pooling pocket money together in order to buy picnic food (mainly Dairylea triangles, Jacobs Crackers and the cheapest popsicle we could find). It was all part of going off on a far-flung adventure (to the field at the back of the housing estate!) and only returning home when it rained. We were sore from sunburn or it was dark and we'd scared ourselves silly from one too many a ghost story!

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Do You Remember Raleigh 14?

Do You Remember Raleigh 14?

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    I had an RSW 16 which was virtually identical to the 14 but had slightly fatter tyres and they were white. Small wheels were all the rage but it took a lot of pedalling to get anywere. Mine had a white saddlebag too, which you could take off. It used to rattle like mad. It was the cycle of my teenage years and I went miles on it with my mate. I stuck stickers all over it and fitted those plastic things to the spokes that made it sound like a motorbike. I wonder what happened to it? They don't make 'em like that anymore.