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Princess Tina

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A bit like Jackie, Princess Tina contained everything girls needed in their life back in the 70s - beauty, fun stories etc. Stories included: The Happy Days, The Trolls, Barbie The Model Girl and Circus Girl. Features often included: The Giraffe, The Oracle Spoke Here and The Country Vet.

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Do You Remember Princess Tina?

Do You Remember Princess Tina?

  • LouiseOC
    this was my favourite comic when i was young. not really like jackie - there wasn't any romance in it. My favourite series was 'Chairman cherry' about an office cleaner who is left the comapny by her boss because she helps him when he is dying. She always managed to outsmart her rather pompous managing directors, moddle and Coote, who cAme to respect her.
  • Anonymous user
    Ah, Princess Tina! It was aimed at young girls who were just a bit TOO young for Jackie - I took it until I was about 13 and then moved on to Jackie. Didn't it have a story called 'Happy Days' about a girl called Sue Day and her big family? Then they introduced Patti who was supposed to be a girl with modern problems - I think her mother married again and got pregnant or something. I think this was an attempt to connect with the readers who were presumably dealing with such things in their own lives! I notice some Princess Tina annuals on ebay - might have to buy one and immerse myself!