Entertech Photon started life as an arena based Laser Tag / Quasar game with some of the greatest arenas ever built (even if they were only built in America, boooooo!!). Then when Worlds of Wonder launched their home version of the game Entertech responded by launching their home version of Photon using the same style of equipment that was used in the arena version.

This proved very popular but unfortunately it wasn't popular enough as Worlds of Wonder were making their equipment faster and cheaper.

Today Photon is out of production and as far as I know only one Photon arena is left. The producers of Lazer Tag (Worlds of Wonder) also went bust after producing several poor quality versions of their own original equipment.

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Do You Remember Photon?

Do You Remember Photon?

  • aaronwarrior
    I remember asking this one christmas when i was about 15 or 16, and at 50 quid for the dual gun set(red and green version) i did'nt hold much hope. imagine my surprise when the same christmas it arrived as my main present! god i wish i still had this. i'm know 33.
  • Anonymous user
    Aaaah, Photon laser guns, one of the coolest presents my sister and I ever got! We'd attach the targets to our clothes and run around shooting laser beams at each other. I still have the ID cards that came with it, with our embarrassing school photos attached.