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  • Big Loader Construction Set
    this was the the best way to lose hours of your life
  • Back To The Future
    I still watch tis trilogy on a weekly basis, i live in England and it is still being shown on a regular basis(itv2 has shown part 1 and 2 in the last fortnight), bet that will not be said about modern day movies in 30 years time(yes back to the future is nealy 30 years old, were does the time go?).
  • VCRs
    I still use VCR's today. I have 2 hooked up to my DVD recorder as i write this, one is a Panasonic NV-SJ220 and the other is a Sanyo VHR-M290. I am in the process of transferring old video's to DVD and catching up on old programmes and family moments that i haven't seen in years. Some of the programmes that i watch are not avaiable on DVD yet so it's nice to kick back and watch some old favourites once in a while.
  • The Blues Brothers
    This is the best film ever made period.
  • Photon
    I remember asking this one christmas when i was about 15 or 16, and at 50 quid for the dual gun set(red and green version) i did'nt hold much hope. imagine my surprise when the same christmas it arrived as my main present! god i wish i still had this. i'm know 33.
  • Kellogg's collectables
    does anyone remember the bike refectors in the shape of the kellogs cockrell, i put them on my dad's post bike as a joke and we ended up with hundreds of the dam things when the kids on his round started giving him them as gifts.
  • Fanta and Coca Cola Spinners
    did you have to win tournaments to get gold spinners, i remember buying at least 2 from my corner shop i'd love to know where he got them from.

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