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Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail was a computer game for the old Apple computers. Many of you may remember playing it in school, as the teachers thought it was educational. Most kids enjoyed it for the awful things you could do to your characters.

You had a family of five, each with a name you gave them, and they had a covered wagon and some money. They were going to travel the old Oregon Trail, and you had to help them make it to the end.

You began the game with an amount of money dependent on what job you appointed to the father of the family, and you bought their oxen, food, clothes, and spare wagon parts as you saw fit. Then they started out on the Oregon Trail.

At times, there would be a drought, and one of the oxen or a family member would die of dehydration, or get sick with typhoid or fever. At times, there would be a snowstorm, and you would get lost and lose two days. Every now and then you would get robbed in the middle of the night.

Throughout the game, you were asked to make decisions, such as whether or not to stop and rest at each of the forts you passed on your way, when to purchase more supplies, whether to wade across a river or pay for a ferry, how much food everyone got, how hard to push them, etc.

One of everyone's favorites was stopping at a fort to see if you could trade goods with other travelers.

The game was over when you either made it to the end of the trail, or all your family members died off!

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Do You Remember Oregon Trail?

Do You Remember Oregon Trail?

  • kagomeshuko
    It was already the 90s, but we spent hours playing this when I was in 5th grade! This and Carmen Sandiego and KidPix.
  • Anonymous user
    Oh my gosh, I use to play this game when I was in grades 6-7 during computer class!!! My friends and I use to love it, and we had fun making up the names for the characters and then making them die so we could type in some messages on the grave stones! It was so fun!