Bridget Ilene Delaney


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  • Fluppy Dogs
    I have a purple/white dog and a puppy! I thought it was so perfect to have the two!
  • Domino Rally
    We had this. We never played the game - just played set up and knock down the Dominoes.
  • Cupcake Dolls
    My sister had a cupcake doll and she LOVED it. Blonde hair, purple/pink skirt . . .
  • Chain Lightning
    This was cool, but instead of this, we had "Domino Rally."
  • Care Bears
    I have a stuffed toy Cheer Bear I got . . . and have quite a few of them. Then, I found one of those plastic funshine bears at a garage sale.
  • Care Bear Cousins
    My sister has/d the Raccoon!
  • Betsy Wetsy
    I remember wanting a REAL Betsy Wetsy so badly when I was little! I finally got one from a Garage Sale.

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