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Oink! was like a "Viz" for kids and was around in 1986-1988. The lead character in Oink! was Uncle Pig and his team were called the Plops. Other characters were, The Streethogs, Harry The Head, Ugly Face Watkins, Tom Thug, Mr Bignose, Burp The Smelly Alien and other quite offensive characters. I think that is why I used to like it. I remember sending in a drawing and getting a postcard back from Uncle Pig saying my drawing was on his sty wall!

Oink! used to come out every fortnight at the start, then monthly, then it stopped altogether. Some newsagents would not stock it as it was deemed to offensive for children to read. Lucky for me my family owned a newsagents!

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Do You Remember Oink!?

Do You Remember Oink!?

  • TheHighwayman
    I used to get every issue of this mag when I was younger. One of the main reasons I still remember it, is because my family and I used to do our weekly shop every Thursday afternoon at the old asda supermarket in wrexham and one day, when we returned home, someone had set fire to our garden shed.
  • UncleDrunkard
    Oink was ace. check this site out
  • Anonymous user
    Oink! was deliberately satirical and a bit near to the knuckle for some conservative groups and newsagents who branded it offensive and unsuitable for children. Some of the most characters/strips were Uncle Pigg, Frank Sidebottom and Tom Thug. Uncle Pigg's character was the editor of the comic who had an ongoing battle with critic Mary Lighthouse, a parody of Mary Whitehouse.