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  • Oink!
    Oink! was deliberately satirical and a bit near to the knuckle for some conservative groups and newsagents who branded it offensive and unsuitable for children. Some of the most characters/strips were Uncle Pigg, Frank Sidebottom and Tom Thug. Uncle Pigg's character was the editor of the comic who had an ongoing battle with critic Mary Lighthouse, a parody of Mary Whitehouse.
  • Little Miss No Name
    I don't remember this doll but she looks like something out of a horror film!!
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    Ahhh puffs - so moreish! The ready salted ones at least were still on the go a couple of years ago.
  • Burton's Fish 'n' Chips
    I kept being tempted by them because the packet looked so good, but I could rarely finish a packet - they were horrible. I think it wasn't so much the taste but the biscuity texture I didn't like - too dry. Still fond memories tho'!
  • Fiendish Feet Yogurts
    Yes, I loved them!! I thought they were from the 80s though as I was very young at the time. Like the previous poster, I used to collect the characters and use them as pencil pots, etc. I can remember quite a few of the names. The original 4-pack of yoghurts consisted of: Fangs-a-Lot - Strawberry Spooky Wooky - Banana Rattle n' Roll - Chocolate (tasted horrible!) Frank n' Stein - Raspberry There were more sets that followed and also single mousses - the orange one tasted gorgeous and was called Meltin' Melvin!

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