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Nash The Slash

Nash The Slash was a Canadian solo artist who never revealed his true identity. He used to wrap his whole body in white bandages and wore dark glasses and a white top hat with a tassle. Nash The Slash released a single called "Dead Man's Curve" a cover of a Jan and Dean song and also released an album, "Children Of The Night". The single flopped and the album only just crept into the album chart for one week. I do actually have the album on cassette. I wonder who else has anything by him? Nash The Slash seemed to disappear without a trace after about 1981. I do remember him being interviewed on Nationwide though - thats another thing to remember, eh?

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Do You Remember Nash The Slash?

Do You Remember Nash The Slash?

  • Anonymous user
    Goodnes me! I'd forgotten all about him. I remember him vaguely from the 80's and he used to scare me. I think I had one of his tracks on a free flexi disc from some music rag. I've just looked him up on Wikipedia and, believe it or not, he is still going!!!