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  • Crash Cars
    It was called Smash-up Derby and was made by an American firm called Kenner SSP. Don't know who marketed it in the UK though. I had the VW Beetle and the pick up. There's a page with some pictures at and an old TV advert on You Tube if you search for 'Smash up derby Kenner'.
  • Nash The Slash
    Goodnes me! I'd forgotten all about him. I remember him vaguely from the 80's and he used to scare me. I think I had one of his tracks on a free flexi disc from some music rag. I've just looked him up on Wikipedia and, believe it or not, he is still going!!!
  • Hawkwind
    I saw Hawkwind about 50 or so times between 1982 and 1990. Lucky enough to see them once with Lemmy but sadly never with my favourite frontman, the late Bob Calvert. The shows always varied wildly between spectacular, state-of-the-art effects and rather ropey affairs, depending on how much cash they had at the time. Stonehenge in 1984 was an awesome show. I was going to see them last month on their 40th anniversary tour, but there was so much negativity on various forums about the quality of the shows that I thought I'd better let my memories remain intact. I agree with the above recommendations and I'd probably also add 'Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music' to the list of stuff worth exploring. Bob Calvert and Nik Turner's solo works are worth a listen.
  • The Ghosts of Motley Hall
    I used to love this as a child. I recently bought the DVD and I was so relieved to find it really was as good as I remembered it.
  • Wimpy
    There are still a few Wimpys around the UK. Still using proper plates and still serving bendy sausages. Trouble is, the nearest one to me is in the middle of the most hellish 60's shopping centre imaginable.

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