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My Guy

My Guy was the first (that I remember) magazine which used photos for their stories. I even remember the first story. It went like this:

There were three girls who were all in a relationship and somehow all had a wish each. One girl wished her guy would have eyes for no-one but her - he ends up blind. The second girl wishes her guy will never walk out on her - yep you guessed it, he ended up in a wheelchair. The third girl was the nastiest of the group, and swore her guy wouldn't do anything to hurt her. She wished for money. Her guy ended up in a crash and died...

The floppy-haired Hugh Grant appeared in an edition of My Guy long before he was even dreaming of weddings and funerals.

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Do You Remember My Guy?

Do You Remember My Guy?

  • Chaobaby7
    i wasn't allowed to read these types of mags ( my parents were strict) but i used to buy them with pocket money from my grand parents and read them sneakily , I was a slow starter with boy friends and dates and it made me feel so grown up and rebelious to read it.
  • Anonymous user
    OMG!! I had forgotten about this mag, i used to pinch it off my sister when she had read made me feel very grown up!!!
  • sandie76
    I loved My Guy, still got my free gift of a My Guy plastic magnifying card!
  • Anonymous user
    Oh I so remember that one!!!! Always stuck with me for some reason,thanks for reminding me.I loved that magazine so much, seemed so daring at the time but when you look back it was so I wish those times were back!!