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  • Terrahawks
    True, Zelda was the scariest!! Wasn't there a weird baby in it too?
  • Orm and Cheep
    I remember this it was narrated by Richard Briers (out of The Good Life)
  • Punky Brewster
    I loved this show, i seem to remember her having a very cool bed that tipped up... i wanted one!!!
  • The Broons
    OMG!!! I had totally forgotten about The Broons and Oor Wullie. I remember being off school really sick and my Nan brought me round a few copies of each. I loved them...i think i still have 2 annuals somewhere!!
  • The Flumps
    Aww,the Flumps were soooo cute. Pootle was my favourtie!!
  • Chocolate Mice
    Those chocolate white mice were awful, but i remember the milk chocolate ones with the pink centre they were delicious...and harder to get!!
  • Cartoon Jeans
    Ha Ha. I had a pair of Flintstones ones and Some with Garfield and Odie on. I wore them ALL the time!!

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