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Muppet Babies an almost constant part of my childhood, it always seemed to be playing. I can almost chart my memories just by thinking how I felt about watching Muppet Babies on TV!

To begin with I loved it! I had fallen totally in love with the Muppets Tonight and the anarchic sketchy chaos that happened on it every Sunday evening. I fell in love with Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie and Gonzo, all brilliant characters that were hilarious to boot. So when Muppet Babies came along, because it kept to the original characters it was great. Some of the characters in Muppet Babies are promoted to main characters – Like scooter – and characters like the Swedish chef (my favourite) I was disappointed to discover, never appeared.

The idea was that the Muppets all grow up together in a nursery being looked after by a Nanny (who appears in almost every episode but you never saw her face – perhaps the cartoonists couldn’t draw people?)

The show was produced between September 15, 1984 to November 2, 1991 and was produced by The Jim Henson Company and Marvel Productions. Episodes were 30 minutes long.

Also the theme tune to Muppet Babies was so so catchy (almost as much so as the original Muppets Tonight theme tune!).

However after a while, the show began to wane on me. The plots were always quite similar, and well, Muppet Babies, just felt like it was a little bit just for babies. It was still always on – I seem to remember it being given an early morning Saturday or Sunday slot. But I was waiting for it to finish rather than start! Waiting for whatever was on after it (maybe Thundercats or something similar)

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Do You Remember Muppet Babies?

Do You Remember Muppet Babies?

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    Saturday mornings, before Going Live!