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Muppets Tonight was meant as a continuation of teh massively successful and massively brilliant Muppet Show (made in the 1970's/ 80's).

Instead of it being set in a theatre - as the old Muppet Show was - it was set in a TV studio, so it was a very similar format, but updated.

The series was created by Jim Henson Productions and lasted on ABC and The Disney Channel from 1996-1998.

It had all the regular characters, but something was missing for me (perhaps the fact I was 20 years older than I had been when I first saw the Muppets, who knows)

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20 October 2011

Do You Remember Muppets Tonight?

Do You Remember Muppets Tonight?

  • Anonymous user
    Much preferred the original Muppet Show. I always felt the heart went out of the Muppets once Jim Henson died. Muppets Tonight made the mistake of sidelining Kermit (who'd originally been performed by Henson, of course) and with Frank Oz busy elsewhere, Miss Piggy only appeared in some editions too. They got great guests like Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Pfeiffer and then didn't seem to find anything fun to do with them. The new characters they introduced were less endearing than the original Muppets. Sad, as the Muppets running a TV station could have been great. I do remember, though, Gonzo doing an appeal for Children in Need from the set of this show, and mistakenly thinking it was Chickens in Need!
  • Anonymous user
    they were mint!!!!loved the two old guys sat in the box