Mr. T Action Figures

Mr. T Action Figures came in a set of 4 with the rest of the A-Team (I got mine from Argos). B.A. came with Face, Hannibal and Murdoch the other pair. All came with guns but B.A. came with a toolkit. I vividly remember it including a drill and some boltcutters. I also remember him having a T.C.B. (Trouble Comes Big) tattoo on his arm. B.A. was the only one that was a decent likeness but the gold was all moulded to his chest!

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Do You Remember Mr. T Action Figures?

Do You Remember Mr. T Action Figures?

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    I''ve still got mine, however mine is part of the A-Team set, I have all of ''em apart from Murdoch. Face has lost his arm though, it''s such a shame.