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Mr T was born Laurence Tureaud but changed his name to Mr T by deed poll so that people would HAVE to call him Mister. After a time working as a bodyguard and a bouncer Mr T won the "World's Toughest Bouncer" contest and caught the eye of Sylvester Stallone who wrote him in to Rocky III.

Mr T went on to appear in another boxing film before taking his most famous role as B A Baracus in the A Team. By now Mr T was hugely popular the world over and began pro-wrestling. However wrestling against the likes of Roddy Piper was nothing compared to his next battle.

In the 1990s Mr T developed a rare form of cancer (ironically called T-Cell Lymphoma) but as you would expect Mr T put up a strong fight and with God's help he beat it. Mr T is a devout Christian and thanks God for giving him the opportunity to meet so many lovely people in the hospital.

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Do You Remember Mr T?

Do You Remember Mr T?

  • Anonymous user
    Reportedly used to be a really nasty piece of work when he was younger- loved fighting and used to boast about it, strangled an American TV presenter into unconsciousness as part of a so-called 'joke' with Hulk Hogan, and was notorious for his temper-tantrums during filming. He is also said to have once charged children for his autograph. I think he's mellowed in middle-age though, able to laugh at himself and keen to be seen as an actor and performer rather than just a thug. He has most recently appeared on our screens doing the advert for the Snickers chocolate bar.
  • Anonymous user
    I love Mr. T even to this day. He is the ultimate role model and he took no nonsense from anyone. He was tough, always drank his milk, had his own cereal and cartoon, and taught all of us kids in the Eighties how to stay in shape and how to be cool. Plus he always had a funky look and spouted out great lines like "I pity the foo'!" and "quit your jibber jabba'!"