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Somewhere after the iconic Tiswas and Number 73, around the time of Phillip Schofield and Gordon the gopher was “Motormouth”

Motormouth was a Saturday morning children's television series that ran between 1988 and 1992. All the series ran from the autumn of one year to the spring of the next year.

Following the decision to halt the successful Number 73, they had a slot free and show. Motormouth was made by the same people who made Number 73 - (The Maidstone Studios). Indeed, some of the presenters from Number 73 moved to Motormouth – Neil Buchanan and Andrea Arnold. The all new presenters were Caroline Hanson, Tony Gregory and Julian Ballantyne.

I preferred Number 73, and resented the brash studio based Motormouth for taking it's spot. They basically wanted to make a cheaper – studio-based show. The set of the show had a giant motorised mouth, which you would instantly recognise.

In the second series a female presenter called Gaby Roslin joined the team. I mist remember Gaby from her time on the Big Breakfast with Chris Evans in the 1990’s, and can’t really remember her in Motormouth

It did have a lot of fun games as part of the show - like “It's Torture”, “Gunge 'em In” (you can imagine what that was) and “Mouse Trap” (based upon the board game with the marble – that was the most memorable of the games)

Some of the most iconic cartoons at the time played in Motormouth – and that was really the only reason I watched it – apart from the game mousetrap. There was She-Ra: Princess of Power, Samurai Pizza Cats and The Real Ghostbusters

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Do You Remember Motormouth?

Do You Remember Motormouth?

  • InGen
    Are you sure the Samurai Pizza cats cartoon wasn't on Paralell 9 on BBC1?
  • Anonymous user
    According to the missing episodes forum online, the lion's share of Motormouth has been destroyed! However, someone has posted some of the dramatised segments (they had "behind the scenes" dramas in some series) on YT.
  • Anonymous user
    TVS was the production company. The Maidstone Studios was then their home.