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  • The Girl from Tomorrow
    Absolutely loved "The Girl From Tomorrow" and it's follow-up "Tomorrow's End". I fancied the pants off Katherine Cullen that played Alana! (Her 'headband' was called a Transducer, and helped to focus her psychic powers).
  • Round the Twist
    Great show with a very catchy theme song! I also liked the music that the ghost family in the attic would play.
  • Round the Bend
    Absolutely loved this show! "False Teeth From Beyond The Stars" starred Roger Prentice - The Apprentice Dentist! Loved Doc Croc's voice too, very menacing!
  • Red Dwarf
    Chris T - Holly was originally played by Norman Lovett in Series I & II, and Hilly (Played by Hattie Hayridge) first appeared in the Series II episode "Parallel Universe". Norman decided not to return for series III and was replaced by Hattie, the character still being named Holly. The explanation appeared in the (Extremely fast!) Star Wars-esque crawl at the beginning of series III, episode 1: Holly decided to have a "Head Swap" operation and chose the face of Hilly, the computer that he'd met in the parallel universe.
  • Tom's Midnight Garden
    Great serial. I was very sad at the end when he goes out of the back door and just walks into the bins and not into the past because Hatty doesn't need him anymore. Very sad!
  • Dizzy Heights Hotel
    Dizzy heights was brilliant. I believe Mark Heap (Of Big Train, Spaced etc.) was in it. Just to point out, the picture on this entry is of Doc Croc and Vincent from Round The Bend.
  • Dave Allen at Large
    The late, great, Dave Allen. I remember his "Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well... he was a miserable bas**rd." sketch.

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