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mothers pride bread

Sometimes you might ask... What ever happened to that brand of?They were huge in the 80's and just disappeared, only to discover that they are still being made.

Well Mothers pride was one of THE bread brands of the 70's and 80's. Typicaly white square cut basic loaves, Brown bread, wholegrain, they were considered a bit rustic and hippy or even of poorer quality than the preferred white loaf for the 1970's consumer, but still maintained popularity.

Anyway, go and buy your self a nice bit of toasty nostalgia down you local supermarket today! Go on - you're bored of Kingsmill anyway.

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Do You Remember mothers pride bread?

Do You Remember mothers pride bread?

  • Anonymous user
    Lovely if you like eating buttered face flannels
  • Anonymous user
    the only o.ption is warburtons.