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M-M-M-MASK!! Ah, what a great theme tune, rhyming "Lead the mission" with "X-Ray vision". Genius.

In the UK M.A.S.K was shown mainly as part of the Saturday Breakfast TV kids slot "The Wide Awake Club", in a slot that in retrospect was calculated to prime kids with lots of alternative shopping suggestions when out for the afternoon in town with Mum.

While M.A.S.K. was not as good as Transformers and He-Man it shared a similar cartoon-to-toy ratio, although everyday folk with fancy masks was hardly as entertaining as cassette players that turned into robots, or slightly camp green cats with a decent line in orange armour.

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Do You Remember M.A.S.K?

Do You Remember M.A.S.K?

  • Anonymous user
    Enjoyed the program when I was younger (and even then knew the animation was pretty poor at times). Used to get the magazine and take out the centrefold of the vechile of the week.
  • Anonymous user
    M.A.S.K. was the coolest ever. Maybe you blokes in UK thought they weren't as cool as transformers, but motorcycles that could turn into hellicopters, priceless! I even had the bedsheets.