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Sometimes on the reverse of a 'Snakes and Ladders' board, Ludo was for 2-4 players. At each corner of the board was a coloured square (red/yellow/blue/green), each containing four circular spaces for your playing pieces. Upon your turn, you release one piece and move it around the board, aiming to take it 'home', a hub in the centre of the board.

At some point in Ludo, you're allowed to release a 2nd playing piece. You have to split your available moves between the two pieces. You were not allowed more than two pieces 'out', and the winner was he who got all his pieces home before everyone else.

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Do You Remember Ludo?

Do You Remember Ludo?

  • Anonymous user
    Ludo certainly showed up your aggresive side! Do you advance a potentially winning piece, or send your opponent back to base by landing on the same square? Ha ha!! (I'm not saying what I chose to do !)
  • slightlyodd
    deffinatly not the same game as frustration lol
  • AnythingButOrdinary7
    This game rocks. :)