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  • Ladybird Books
    I used to read these when I was little. :)
  • Ripped jeans
    I love ripped jeans! :) I ripped mine (they already got ripped accidently) and they look quite cool!
  • Leg warmers
    I love leg warmers! I have a black sparkly pair, I love wearing them over black skinnies! :D
  • Dr Marten Boots
    When I was little I had a pair of Sr Marten's that were black with flowers on, looking back, Dr Maren's are horrible!
  • Big hair
    I love the big hair look, I sometimes dry my hair upside down, I used to do it all the time!
  • Wonka Bars
    I remember these really well! Looking back, they were kind of gross, but for some reason I liked them at the time. :S
  • Mini Milk Ice Lolly
    I loved mini milks, in all the flavours. I haven't had one for so long!

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