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  • Market Day
    EDIT: Gambling Farmers... doesn't read right... "The gambling farmers indicates that the player receives one card from each of the other players at the players' discretion."
  • Market Day
    Sort out the animals cards into four separate piles - face up. Each player puts a tractor on START. Game starts with youngest player. Roll dice and move acordingly. More than one tractor can occupy one square. When landing on square showing ONE animal, take ONE card of that animal. Two animals indicate TWO cards. Three animals indicate THREE cards (if cards run out, then no cards received). Square which shows farmer with a tyre and a tractor in the background is a puncture (miss a turn). Square with an animal walking out of fenced area indicates an escaping animal - player must return the relevant card to the pile (if s/he doesn't have one, nothing happens). The crowing cock brings luck - player takes one card of his/her choice. The gambling farmers indicates that the player receives one card from each of the other players at their discretion. The cards are vouchers. You need FOUR cards of the same animal to purchase the cut-out for your farm board. The purchase can take place only at one of the four markets situated in the four corners of the board. Exact throw is not needed but extra points are given up. Exchange four cards for one cut-out and cards are returned to the pile. Place the cut-out in the correct place in the player's farmyard. The market with the green flag allows players to purchase TWO animals providing that s/he has the relevant cards. A player can only hold a maximum of FIVE cards per animal, and may not hold cards of that animal once s/he has the cut-out in his/her farmyard. Winner is the player to complete his/her farmyard with cut-outs.
  • Dare
    I remember the Marmite dare - the good thing is that I do like Marmite... the bad thing is that I don't like too much of it - it's sooo strong!
  • Hotel
    To comment on my own 'memory', my Hotel description referred to the OLD-STYLE Hotel game, that was supplied in the huge black box. A lot of what is available on eBay is the 80's version - the buildings are different, as are the actual names of the hotels.
  • Rainbow Brite
    I had the Rainbow Brite doll with the stick on little Sprite. I watched the cartoons and even had the wallpaper, LOL.
  • Punky Brewster
    I remember more the TV show when it comes to Punky Brewster.
  • Pound Purries
    I remember the Pound Purry I had - she was white with a tan-coloured tail. I don't remember her proper name, but I called her Smudge. On my way to school there was a house (obviously, LOL), but they'd got a new kitten and called it Smudge. I think it was a tabby though. Anway, everyday on the way to school, I used to pet Smudge. Until one day I found out Smudge had died after being run over. At about the same time, my Mum got me my Pound Purry - which I named after Smudge. I don't remember what happened to her though.

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