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Sunday afternoons when it was raining could be quite a boring time for kids in the 1980's, lots of black and white films. Booorrrriiinnngg!

However, there was one series that was routinely played - Lost in Space! It was a kind of version of Swiss Family Robinson in space. A family struggling to survive on an alien planet without help.

They had an AMAZING robot, who looks hilarious from our 20th century point of view. All wobbly arms and big glass head. Very funny. He was always making pronouncements about danger and problems - He had a habit of shouting "Danger! Will Robinson! Danger! Will Robinson!" at least once an episode. It's become famous trigger word for the show.

The show was originally made in the 1960's but played regularly in the UK right up until 1988, and they even made a film of it in 1998 with Joey from Friends in it (Matt LeBlanc).

I thoroughly recommend looking it up on you tube, it is truly funny and even still has a good sense of drama to it. Being the 1960's they had no notion of what life in space would be like, but they could still tell a story!

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03 February 2011

Do You Remember Lost in Space?

Do You Remember Lost in Space?

  • MissConduct
    I was never much a fan as a child, although I did dip my toe from time to time. The robot was pretty cool but quite dull at times; but Dr. Zachary Smith was the bees knees, purely because he was paranoid, delusional, OTT and one hell of a scaredy cat!
  • Anonymous user
    I remember there would be a cliff hanger for the week after, it was great television and the characters were all quite lovable and believable as a family. In particular I remember the adolescent Angela Cartwright and Lost In Space was also a good way of seeing what she was doing after appearing in The Sound of Music. My favourite character was the robot. As the series went on it the robot started to show a human side to it's nature especially with it's relationship with Will the youngest son. It had something for everybody to watch, even Doctor Smith became quite a camp comic character. In my opinion the original is still the best.
  • Anonymous user
    I adored Lost in Space when I was a child. It seemed so real!