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  • Top Cat
    It was ahead of it's time with Top Cat and Co living on the streets on the dodgy side of the law.
  • The Animaniacs
    I loved this too and watched it with my boys. It is a pity that they haven't re-shown it unless there is some pc reason why it can't. It was zany, fun and had a really catchy tune to sing along to. The one memorable thing on it was Gangster Pigeons on the Roof which was on the theme of Fiddler on the Roof, it was brilliant to watch.
  • Lost in Space
    I remember there would be a cliff hanger for the week after, it was great television and the characters were all quite lovable and believable as a family. In particular I remember the adolescent Angela Cartwright and Lost In Space was also a good way of seeing what she was doing after appearing in The Sound of Music. My favourite character was the robot. As the series went on it the robot started to show a human side to it's nature especially with it's relationship with Will the youngest son. It had something for everybody to watch, even Doctor Smith became quite a camp comic character. In my opinion the original is still the best.
  • Tinker and Taylor
    I remember this well as a child, similar format to the Banana Splits that came later in regard to the cartoons being showed in between, the difference was that Tinker was a glove puppet. It was the last thing on in the morning for children before a whole afternoon of sport I remember so we made sure to watch it! It was Alan Taylor's personality that made it watchable as it was with the Mr and Mrs quiz show.

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