Lionel Blair

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'Give us a Clue' with Una Stubbs was Lionel Blair's claim to fame.

Lionel was one of the team captains on the television show 'Give us a Clue' from 1979 until the early 90's. He took on many roles of television and theatre and many people knew him for his tap & chat dancing.

Lionel was born in Canada in 1931 but grew up in London.

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13 June 2019

Do You Remember Lionel Blair?

Do You Remember Lionel Blair?

  • Anonymous user
    For some reason I was obsessed with Lionel Blair when I was about three. So much so that I named my teddy bear Lionel (I still have Lionel, he sits on my desk. Apparently I used to pronounce his name "Yaya bear"
  • Anonymous user
    The team captain on Give Us A Clue and excellent all-round entertainer. A great dancer.