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  • Casio VL-1 Keyboard
    I had a tiny one with about 12 keys, it used to play "wake me up before you go go" as the demo. All day, every day :D
  • Pyramint
    I remember the advert for these, with a mummy unwrapping the bandages on his head :D I think the ad's on Youtube somewhere
  • Lionel Blair
    For some reason I was obsessed with Lionel Blair when I was about three. So much so that I named my teddy bear Lionel (I still have Lionel, he sits on my desk. Apparently I used to pronounce his name "Yaya bear"
  • Burton's Fish 'n' Chips
    I used to eat these by the ton. I don't have any kids, but if I did I would be tempted to exchange said kid for a bag of these
  • Rainbow
    Zippy is a "Unique", he said so himself on a radio interview I heard. Yes, I am aware that I'm sad.
  • Cassey
    I used to love this doll, I remember she came with weird cardboard fold out house scenery, and I think she was much cheaper than barbie. Good times all round

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