Linda McCartney

Linda McCartney was an American photographer, musician, animal rights activist, vegeterian cook book author and advocate, and entrepreneur. She was the keyboardist in the band Wings, which also featured her husband, Paul McCartney, a former member of The Beatles. ( )

Linda's photography career began in the mid 1960s where she landed with Town & Country magazine. She soon gained assignments to photograph various musicians and entertainers. Linda was a regular fixture at the Fillmore East (a New York concert venue) by the late 1960s and she became the unofficial house photographer. Not only did she photograph numerous performances at the legendary club, she was the first woman to have a photograph on the cover of the influential music magazine Rolling Stone. Her photos were displayed in galleries and museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and they were collected in several books. 

In 1970, after the break up of the Beatles, Paul and Linda recorded the album Ram together and formed the band Wings in 1971. When Wings broke up in 1981 Linda continued to play alongside Paul until The New World Tour in 1993.

Linda was a vocal animal rights activist and wrote and published several vegetarian cookbooks and founded Linda McCartney Foods, the vegetarian company, with her husband. Sadly in 1995 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and tragically died three years later from the disease, at the age of just 56.

Do You Remember Linda McCartney?

Do You Remember Linda McCartney?