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After the aftermath of the Beatles, came Wings. A heaven sent 70s 'souper group' led by Paul and Linda McCartney and sidekick Denny Laine, formerly of The Moody Blues.

Very poppy and very popular, especially with those not quite old enough to remember The Beatles but loved the vibe (like me!). They did make some fairly OK albums though; 'Band on the Run', 'Venus & Mars' (my personal favourite). I must admit though, I preferred the earlier Macca stuff.

Still in post-hippy melt-down phase, they released a few less popular albums under the name of McCartney like 'Ram' and even one simply called 'McCartney', featuring the la'la'loverly Linda and a fantastic little reggae-ish ditty called 'Hot as Sun' (well that's how I remember it!).

However, if you want to dig Wings at their commercial best, grab yourself a copy of 'Band on the Run', put on your wide-waistband flairs, flowery shirt and stacked soles, lie back and relax ? Jet, whoo-hoo-hoo whoo-hoo-hoo woo-oo-oo...

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Do You Remember Wings?

Do You Remember Wings?

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    The cover of 'Band On The Run' featured Wings caught in a police torch spotlight beam- all dressed in what looked like prison overalls, if you look carefully you'll see that they are also accompanied by an unlikely collection of celebrities, including actor James Coburn, Michael Parkinson, and Clement Freud!! Their song 'Helen Wheels' was a tribute to their much-loved family Land Rover. My favourite track of theirs was 'Take It Away', from '82. Linda passed away from cancer in '99, but not before leaving a superb legacy in the cause of vegetarianism with her superb food range.