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K9 and company

This was the very first Doctor who spin off. It was transmitted as a one off episode on the 28th of December 1981. It starred two of the most popular Doctor Who companions, Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and of course K9. the episode was called ' A girls best friend' it was meant to go into a series but never took off.

I remember the episode when Sarah had K9 given to her in a box as a gift from the 4th Doctor, and the theme music played a little as K9 mentioned the Doctor, and she said, 'oh Doctor, you didn't forget'. I also remember the end where K9 sings 'we wish you a merry Christmas.

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Do You Remember K9 and company?

Do You Remember K9 and company?

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    This was the first "Doctor Who" (well, nearly) broadcast in my lifetime - it takes place (and was broadcast) the Christmas I was born. It wasn't a success but later inspired the brilliant "Sarah Jane Adventures" series for CBBC. Glorious moments to look out for: The villains, who are clearly recognisable at the start but not when they're unmasked later on! The Bakers, who are obviously up to something... except then they're not. They're just naturally spooky and weird but completely innocent! That's... novel, anyway! Aunt Lavinia's mysterious disappearance... which then turns out never to have happened! I also love the way she and her friend are sitting smoking at the start, even though it's meant to be for kids. Brendan with his incredible laugh when he realises the pun in K9's name. Bill Fraser (Snudge) stopping to talk about gardening... I could go on forever. It's like a cross between Seventies "Doctor Who", and "Midsomer Murders". They don't make 'em like this any more. I have the old VHS release of this and often watch it at Christmas.