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Juliet Bravo

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Juliet Bravo was TV series of the tales of a female police officer based in a fictional Lancashire town. As well as (usually straightforward) crimes to be solved, she had a constant battle to earn respect from her set-in-their-ways male colleagues. And her name was Jean D'Arblay, not Juliet Bravo - that was her call sign or whatever you call it.

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Do You Remember Juliet Bravo?

Do You Remember Juliet Bravo?

  • Andrew Dexter
    It was the uniform that did it for me, i remember one episode that had john woodvine who held kate longton hostage in her office, her held her at gun point and told her to strip!, she took her boots off, but when it came to undoing her blouse as far as her bra he told her to stop!
  • Anonymous user
    Hartley was the name of the fictitious Lancashire town, played I believe by Bacup in the same county. Stephanie Turner played Insp. Jean Darbley for the first three series (1980-82), then Anna Carteret took over as Insp. Kate Longton for the last three series (1983-85). A great show if you're fond of the Mk2 Escort, as these were mainly used - along with the occasional Mk4 Cortina - as the Police patrol cars.