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It's a Royal Knockout

It's a Royal Knockout is often shown as part of these '100 worst moments in TV', usually by people who are bigger snobs than the Royal Family! This was a charity event organised by Prince Edward and had celebrity teams competing in the traditional 'It's a Knockout' format with Rowan Atkinson (in Blackadder mode as host)and Stuart Hall as ever providing the commentary. The team captains were Edward, Anne, Andy and Fergie (Charles & Di were probably too hip for this kind of humiliation). I remember that Princess Anne had Emlyn Hughes on her team as revenge for him mistaking her for a man on 'A Question of Sport'. Prince Edward tried to cheat by having his team made up almost entirely of sportsmen but they were trounced by Princess Anne & Co. At the time it was seen as a bit of fun for charity and fair play to them. Now with hindsight it's considered a terrible embarrassment, destruction of protocol, etc, etc. Hogwash.

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Do You Remember It's a Royal Knockout?

Do You Remember It's a Royal Knockout?

  • scotchmist
    Best bit was Andy losing his temper with the press after the games and exclaiming sarcastically "Thanks for the bloody enthusiasm!" and storming out in a bitch-fit...and it was all caught on camera! Top banana!