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Huey Lewis and the News would easily make it into my top ten bands that defined the music of the 80s. There’s just something so uplifting and fun about their upbeat, pop-rock sound that seems to compliment all my favourite memories of my eighties childhood. Of course, I’m heavily biased with my views because Huey Lewis and the News wrote the soundtrack to my favourite film of all time, Back to the Future, and as well as writing this soundtrack entitled “Back in Time”, one of their other hit records “The Power of Love” was also featured in the film.

Most people know that Ray Parker Jr. wrote the theme song to the film Ghostbusters, but only a few people realise that the song was actually a direct copy of the Huey Lewis and the News hit “I Want a New Drug” which sounds laughably similar. In fact, Huey Lewis had actually been approached by the Ghostbusters producers to write the theme song for the film originally but he had declined due to his work on Back to the Future and so, in the meantime, his song “I Want a New Drug” was added to the film as a temporary measure during production until Ray Parker Jr. concocted his own version of the song.

Of course, Huey Lewis wasn't particularly amused at this turn of events and sued Ray Parker Jr. for plagiarism, eventually reaching an undisclosed out of court settlement.

Shortly after their success with Back to the Future, Huey Lewis and the News went on to release three more hit songs in quick succession with “Stuck With You”, “Hip to be Square” and “Jacob’s Ladder”. Two of these songs reached number one in the US charts but achieved more modest results in the UK. The band’s iconic sound became so representative of the eighties that when the early nineties arrived, the band began to sound dated and their popularity faded with their last major success in 1991 with “Couple Days Off”.

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18 January 2012

Do You Remember Huey Lewis and The News?

Do You Remember Huey Lewis and The News?

  • Anonymous user
    huey lewis and the news.what can i say-pure genius! not only did their music make the back to the future series perfect,but their albums never failed to be anything less then classic.Hip to be square,climbing jacons ladder,new drug,forest for the many songs people have forgotten about or never had the chance to hear at all.They did have a tour a few years back including glasgow...wonder what there doing now?!?
  • Anonymous user
    Huey Lewis and the News did the tracks for Back to the future, including a song written just for the movie. "Back in time" Dont forget the "Power of Love" too, dont need money, dont need fame, dont need no credit card to ride this train!